Eden Prairie Farm

Welcome to Eden Prairie Farm,

the family farm of David and Danielle Robb in Eden, Indiana.  

Chicken    *    Pork    *     Lamb    *    Eggs

We are a small diversified farm focused on raising our livestock in balance with each other and with the land we tend.  We raise French Day Range Chickens, Large Black Pigs and Icelandic and Romney Sheep.  We also maintain a varied flock of hens for eggs, including Black Australorp, Bard Rock, Rhode Island Red and Buff Orpingtons.  

We have a special interest in raising Heritage Breeds of livestock for customers who support us in this endeavor.  We really appreciate the loyalty of folks who make the effort to support our small-scale way of farming.  We know that you will appreciate the care we take in our farming methods and the deeply nourishing food produced for ourselves and families.

Look for us at the Indy Winter Farmers Market,


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